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Samuel L. Jackson!
Welcome to this Samuel L. Jackson fan-site, created by Rach and SheeEp! In this fan-site we will include pages of information and interest on the *coolest* actor in modern cinema, Samuel Leroy Jackson.

About SheeEp!
This paragraph is bein written by me (Rach) and I is gonna write aboot ma SheeEp so you has a wee bit of information about the site creators!
SheeEp's real name is Sian and she lives in Birmingham, England. She be 15 years of age and her starsign is Gemini (useless info? You betcha!), this means that she is inquisitive, broad-minded, inventive, unprejudiced and entertaining. Unfortunately this ALSO means that she is restless, quickly bored, gossipy, impractical (lol) and nervous... awwww.
She bees ma bestest internet buddeee and we writes to each other as well as converse on MSN.
She likes *excellent* bands (favourite singer bein Jeff Buckley... noice) and has a very eclectic taste in music like me... so we gets along in that department. Her typical Geminian traits be pretty accurate in my opinion, plus she be intelligent, has lots of original and creative ideas and she is open and understanding.... awwww, look at all tha mushiness on this page :oD
Her website bees at
If you have any suggestions, complaints or comments about our site please see the contact page and send an email, or leave a message on our guestbook so that we can get back to you or improve the site!

About Rach!
Yup, you guessed it, this paragraphy be written by tha SheeEp all aboot Rach. Rachel in hebrew means Ewe, so we got the whole sheeEp thing going on there. She be ma bestest internet buddie and has a damn good taste in moosic and films (and actors, as you can tell by this lil shrine devoted to our favourite actor - a God among men, Samuel L Jackson.) Rach be from Berkshire (posh, I know) and she be 51 days younger than me (I just had to use paper to work that out) but the more mature of us both. Erm...I no can remember her starsign so I won't bore you with information which is made up (yet seems kinds correct in my case) and I'll just tell you her good and bad points. Good points; she be cool and intelligent and understanding. Bad points; she not good at being in charge but when she does take charge *woopah* she sure does crack the, no, I can't think of much bad points 'cept she got not good self esteem:p but havent we
Her website bees at
Go see nowwwwww!

Rach's Website

You can buy Samuel L. Jackson's films on this website... just click on the link below!

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